black girl with braids in natural type 4 hair

About Us

Why I started an online afro hair shop

Being from a city in northern England, black owned hair & beauty stores are few and far between. Many times, when going into black beauty supply shops, the experience felt dull. Visiting these stores became a chore, far from the pleasant shopping experience most retailers try to fulfil. I have heard numerous accounts about how we, the people who use the products, have been made to feel like we don’t matter in an industry created and funded by us.  


Consequently, I decided to build my own black hair care website. I want to make shopping for your hair products something you enjoy doing, not a chore. Our hair is fragile and requires maintenance and the right cocktail of products to thrive. Therefore, when shopping you should be able to take your time, see what’s best for you and buy the products you want whilst being in an environment that allows and encourages this. This is why I created type4.


black girl with braids in type 4 natural hair

The future of type4's afro hair care offering 

In the beginning, type4’s offering will be tailored as purchasing large amounts of product is not possible with being a start-up. Right now, I will do my best to provide products that are requested.


Over time, I hope to fill this site with products for afro hair. Down the line, my goals are to have an extensive product range to give you variety and choice. I assure you, you are dealing with someone who understands and cares.

black girl with natural type 4 afro hair